Ceramic vessel 2055-1. Oppidum Puente Tablas-1

Ceramic vessel of the room B from the building A of the palatial complex of the Iberian oppidum of Puente Tablas (Jaén, Spain). Oxidising atmosphere. Decoration with black and red lines. The red color is obtained using hematite (Fe2O3) in hight concentration: 14.12% wt by EDXRF. The black color is manufactured using a oxide of manganese identified by MRS as bixbyite/hausmannite (Mn2O3/Mn3O4) and jacobsite (MnFe2O4). Bixbyite/hausmannite are the result of the transformation of pyrolusite when firing temperature is set above 450ºC and below 900ºC. The presence of jacobsite means a temperature reaching the 900ºC. Analysis by EDXRF of the black color confirms the presence of Mn: 1.20% wt of Mn versus 0.21% wt in the ceramic paste.

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: 4 Centimeters

: 4 Centimeters




: Iberians, Iberian

: 5th ct. BC.


: Oppidum de Puente Tablas

: Puente Tablas, Jaén, Spain

: WGS84



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